About Me

Hailey Herring-Newbound is a young designer based in the Berkshires. She was drawn to design from a young age, constantly making her parents drive her to and from the local art store for her next creative project. In college, after a bout of illness which left her without plans for several weeks, she began by drawing simple watercolors of the items in her house. Out of that work, Cards By Hailey was created. 

While the company is still in its infancy, she hopes to expand to design many more stationary products and spread her love of art (and yes, puns) to a greater audience. 

Thanks for stopping by!


If you are interested in selling Cards by Hailey in your store, please let us know! We would gladly fill an order.

For more information about wholesale pricing, order minimums, cancellation, returns, or any other inquiries, please send an email to hailey@cardsbyhailey.com with the subject title: "Cards By Hailey Wholesale" and someone will respond shortly.